Who Am I?

Seattle, WA resident currently working as a Technical Consultant, and 3D printer.

3D Printing

Have been actively designing and printing since 2013. Currently using a RepRap MendelMax 1.5 variation that I’ve customized. Was an organizer of a 3D printing group of 350 members for a year, and have performed workshops helping educate current printers and newcomers to the technology.


Previously employed at Inviso Corporation located in Bellevue, WA, within the Software Asset Management (SAM) department. My primary focus is around:

-assisting data collection through technical support using various tools on various configurations of system, or creating custom scripts/tools to pull exotic data points

-scaling data collection for large (100k+ seat) multinational companies,

-performing data analysis when clients experience issues with accuracy, normalizing data, or integrating it with various processing systems



Graduated from Portland State University with bachelor degrees in Business Management and Leadership, and Economics. Heavily involved with the Entrepreneurship network during my time in college, attending multiple pitch competitions, startup weekends, helping coordinate for PSU’s Entrepreneurship Club, and assisting on a team with a local sole proprietorship.