For mother’s day, some context is that my mom is really into gardening. She recently moved into an apartment though and is looking for a house, so she hasn’t had a yard to plant anything in. Because of this, I thought that a planter for mother’s day would be a cool gift. The SPIRAL vase series on thingiverse inspired me (, I wanted to create something with a repeating pattern that had that same visual appeal. Designing for aesthetic isn’t a forte of mine, so this was mostly experimenting with various forms of creating pattern. I was hoping to get more of an organic vibe rather than a sleek machined pattern, so I opted to go for some Fusion 360 spline curves for a profile image that I could manually tweak the vectors on, rather than my usual process of staying mathematical and purist with it.

The insert for the inside was mimicking something I saw on the self-watering planter I printed out a long time ago ( I really enjoyed being able to take out the insert and drain the water so it wouldn’t get moldy, or run fresh water through if it seemed stagnant for too long.

Honestly after about a full week of work on this, I’m still unsatisfied with how it turned out, but sometimes it’s more important to get something done than it is to get something perfect. Didn’t intend for it to be black, but sadly ran out of filament in my other colors. Either way, my mom liked it and her plant is already about to bloom.



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